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We are hiring Ambassadors!

ATTENTION: Augoeides is now hiring new Ambassadors! If you feel like you're capable of helping out the community, whether it's with answering in-game questions or supporting a player as they make their way throughout the game, please apply! Best of luck for all of the potential Ambassadors that are out there!

Apply using this link:

Next Week - Vampire Lord Class + Frostvale Returns

Greetings, everyone!

Starting next week, the next new class (that were meant to arrive in October!) is going to arrive - the Vampire Lord - Class. It will be relying a lot on multi target skills along with DoT's, so prepare for a class that you should be pretty nicely be able to use for farming stuff, even if it won't be given that much of skills made for soloing bosses. (Though it might be able to solo weaker bosses, along with extremely nice capacity of farming monsters.)

Also, the Frostvale map returns next week! Did you miss out on the seasonals from there? Soon, you're able to grab them once more, as well!

The Mechanical Horror Raid Begins!


Today is the day for all-new raid events to begin.

First of all, check the Main Classes - shop for the Raid Pass item, that you need to purchase. It costs gold, and is for non-VIP players. After that, go to the /join raidevent map - for the raid event is waiting for you there! (Only for the people with the Raid Pass - item!!!)

Fight the Mechanical Horror, and get a chance to get one of MANY 1% drop items (Black Friday + Cyber Monday rares) before they goes rare!

This event goes rare in 2 weeks from now on; after that it will be replaced with a new raid event.

Black Friday LQS Announcement!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today is the day for the announcement about the annual Black Friday LQS update schedule. As mentioned, the Black Friday LQS goes live this Saturday, 25th of November (unless my real-life crush comes to visit me for the weekend, in that scenario it'd be Sunday!) and I've already come up with a decided schedule of the update itself, regardless of the day it happens on. 

Alright so, if everything goes according to my plans, this Saturday, at 10 PM Server Time (Correct, the same time as before!) the LQS will be updated with the 2017 Black Friday items for you guys. They will be given a stock of x 100, and there also will be the promised restock for the items as well - the restock on Cyber Monday will be still the promised x 50, at the same time as the Saturday's initial stock update.

Note though; if delays with the Black Friday LQS is going to happen, you guys will be informed - and of this time around, a compensation will also be given in some sort of form, IF delay would be happening. After all,  one can't stop the real life from happening... but we're still heading to go for the initial & announced time schedule for the update regardless!

Be prepared, gather your RC's, for you are going to require them in this coming update! 

Spoilers - The Future of FireFall

Happy advanced Thanksgiving, everyone!

So, I decided to write some spoilers about a storyline that I have planned for you guys. A storyline that might begin either this December alongside the Frostval event , or at least right after Frostval. But still, either way... the planned storyline I've got in my mind is about the future of FireFall and what happened after Lord Valoth were banished from it.

It has been years since the town were left without any life, or without anyone to even lead it. The town became basically a ghost town - and this is perfect for Guldan the Warlock to build an home to there as of right now. Yes, a warlock who has been watching over the world for months now, has decided to arrive. Guldan is nowhere near a hero though, so you must be ready! Also, if you compare him to Lord Valoth... Guldan has no plans on forming a Legacy, that would fall within the first few years of forming it. Guldan has a bigger plan, and as always, even he needs to test the heroes of lore first before starting anything. Something will happen yes, but what would it be? Only time will tell... Rumors also says that Guldan might as well as do nothing! But you, as the Hero, must confirm these rumors that's for certain.

For some people, it might feel good to return to a familiar town once again... while for some others, it might not. And for some, it might be an all-new experience! One thing for certain though is, that this coming trip to FireFall somewhat soon won't be like your previous visits were. The time will only tell what will it truly be!

Stay tuned for all-new FireFall Storyline that's coming... soon!

Coming Soon - Crush the Weak & Black Friday!


After a bit of thought, and after calculating my available free time now that I'm an university student, I've come to new results about me and my free time for Augoeides. It turns out, that our studies right now is not even nearly that much time consuming than I first thought they would be when making the decision about leaving, and thus I've decided to still work on the weekly releases alongside to the university stuff! (I did notice during my 3-4 week absence that there is no events going on and I put a second thought to my decision and here we are, still in action!

But anyways, about the releases - the schedule for them has been changed. Originally, there'd have been two wars coming but things happened with the plans I had in my mind for you guys, especially when I had to switch computers recently, making me lose the work I had done towards the coming wars in advance.

I still have something planned to kick off the start of the new release schedule, though! This week, after the Thanksgiving Celebrations are over, there will be a Black Friday LQS on Saturday, 25th of November and it will include a handsome amount of rares that will be available during that only precise LQS update. They will be given a stock of 100 each, with a restock of 50 on Cyber Monday.

Speaking of which, the annual Cyber Monday Raid event will be coming soon on your way, as well! Prepare and suit yourselves, for you are going to farm for your Cyber Monday rares, starting this Tuesday, 28th of November!

Also... Frostval Celebrations are going to start shortly after the Cyber Monday Raid... are you ready for chilling adventure alongside one of your past enemies, to uncover the secrets behind the mystery of this year's Frostval celebrations? Prepare, for someone, or something, is keeping the snow from falling to certain areas... and only one person - a villain, knows how to stop it!

We are hiring Ambassador!

ATTENTION: @everyone ! Augoeides is now hiring new Ambassadors! If you feel like you're capable of helping out the community, whether it's with answering in-game questions or supporting a player as they make their way throughout the game, please apply! Best of luck for all of the potential Ambassadors that are out there!

-Make sure to be active at all times. 
-Willingness to help out within the community.
-Know a good amount about Augoeides' content, whether it's about the current release, what classes are good/bad, and the worth of an item. 
-Also, be capable of speaking proper English, either mostly fluent or 'preferred language'.

IGN (In-Game Name):
Languages you speak:
Where are you from:
How often are you online:
Reasons for wanting to be an Ambassador:
Short bio about yourself(nothing too lengthy, please):

Rules, if you're accepted:
1) Respect your co-workers. Treat them the way you want them to treat you.
2) Respect all players, and don't offend anyone. Even if they do offend you, learn to turn the other cheek.
3) You will be expected to actually do your job. Don't consider lazing about, unless you have a good reason for it.
4) If you receive 3 warnings, you will be automatically demoted. No ifs, and, buts, or any 'second chances'. Them's the ropes.
5) Each rooms holds at most 2 Ambassadors, so as to not let anyone feel that they're the only one doing all the work.
6) Be active. Not just in /inn or /initium, but, be ready to reach out to players. If you choose to be inactive for the time being, report to Ambassador Lead and explain why.
7) Make sure to have strong classes, as players will expect you to help them out with either quests or difficult boss fights.
8) Whenever you log into Augoeides, make sure to be on the Discord Server for it, as well, as players will also ask questions from there.
9) Do not abuse the name of an Ambassador. No trash-talk, no passive-aggressiveness, none of that.
10) Report any rule-breakers or complaints to Community Managers.

Ambassador Warning System:
1) Abusing an Ambassador's name, and treating it as a joke - 2 warnings.
2) Insulting a player(or players) - 1 warning.
3) Begging for items or RC's - 1 warning.
4) Spamming in /inn, /initium, or anywhere - 1 warning.
5) No flaming(rather, starting drama) - 1 warning.
6) Using /world chat inappropriately(or spamming it) - 1 warning.

We are hiring Wiki-Writters!

Greetings: @everyone ! Augoeides is also hiring Wiki Writers! That's right, we are in need of folks that are not only just capable of providing information for the game's wiki, but also, those that think they're capable of cleaning it up, and making it presentable, to the players that access it. Good luck to any and all potential Wiki Writers!

IGN(in-game name):
Languages you speak:
How often you're on the wiki:
How much do you know, of HP:
A short bio about yourself:
Reasons why you want to be a Wiki-Writer:

Rules, if you're accepted:
1) No inappropriate content. This includes: wiki pages, a user's page, signatures, basically anything that's on the wiki.
2) Don't harass other wiki-writers. This means: do not leave any derogatory comments on their pages.
3) No trolling. I'm sure you know what this means.
4) No spamming (advertising your page, bumping empty ones, multi-posting)
5) Staff may delete and lock messages at their discretion. Be aware of this.
6) If you know of any unreleased content or staff-only items, keep them to yourself. They're for your eyes only.
7) Please be accurate. As in, actually know what you're talking about.

Request Account Link:
Wiki Link:
Guidelines on making pages:

Dragonfall Release!

Hello guys! I'm glad to announce my first event here will be published. Dragonfall will be released with the dragonfall rep. Fight dragons and make them fall

Good Luck Heroes!

3rd Anniversary - Chaos Lord Limited-Time Reprint Event!


Today's mini-event brings you a reprint of the Chaos Lord - Class. If you're LEVEL 135 or higher, you can now /join DrakathLair map to farm for Chaos Lord and it's accessories once more!

Note though, that the boss is extremely powerful and dangerous. And also note that the drops has 1% Drop Rate!


Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 to Tuesday, October 24th