What is Augoeides?

Augoeides is a fantastic, fair, and community oriented server that is organized and run by professionals. We have a custom development team, which ensures our gameplay, monsters, items, and experience is like none other that you will experience in game.

Real-time Combat!

Created from the ground up by our creative team, Augoeides lets you explore and battle in real time. Battle monsters with your friends to obtain wicked weapons, awesome armors, loyal pets and epic items!

Take on adventurous quests!

Adventures are a really special feature for Augoeides, allowing players a really wide variety of playing options. With all-new quests to play, new monsters to slay, and unique gear to collect each and every week, you will become the Hero (or Villain!) you always knew you were!

Player vs Player battles!

Whereas the Battlegrounds are place for players to work together and take advantage of the awesome combat carrier system, the Arenas give players the chance to go toe-for-toe and skill-for-skill against other players in a good old fashioned brawl.

Community Driven Market!

A truly community driven trade, crafting and endgame system that all rely on eachother. Trading is the art, thrill, and business of getting valuable Rare Items across the world of Augoeides. It’s a way to earn precious gold or coins.

And much more!

What are you waiting for? Create your account now and explore our ever-expanding world alongside your friends and family!